Our Favorite Recipes, Tips, and Tricks for Living Sustainably and Making Your Own Household Supplies (Rice, Beans, Plants, Chicken, Laundry Soap & More!)

Ever since we started growing food in 2015 we became obsessed with the idea of trying to make many of the things we used to buy from the store ourselves. You could say self sustainability is our hobby and we’ve spent the past 5 years growing and making many things we used to purchase!

This post is a summary of the best recipes tips and tricks we found for how to live sustainably. 

Our Chicken Strategy

Let’s start with food. The basis of most all of our meals starts with a whole chicken. Right now, we are buying chickens from the store but are going to be moving soon and starting up a flock! We used to buy chicken in packs of individual sections like breast or thighs, but switched to buying whole chickens and never looked back. The benefit of using a whole chicken is that you’re able to use all parts of the bird and you can also make your own chicken broth using the pieces you don’t eat!