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Our Garden Planner App Makes Growing Food Simple!

Our Free App Makes it Simple for You to Grow Your Own Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs in Your Backyard or Patio Container Vegetable or Food Garden!

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🌱   We’ll Guide You Through Growing 80+ Foods with Our Free Garden Planner App! 
⚕️   Our Growing for Health™ feature shows you plants that help you take control of your health!
📅   Customized Dates Based on Your GPS Location to Ensure You’re Planting at the Right Time
🌱   Integration with Burpee, One of the Most Trusted Names in Seeds
🐛   Identify Garden Pests and Eliminate Them w/o Pesticide 
📹   Weekly Videos and Blog Posts Straight From Our Urban Oklahoma Food Farm
📗   Avoid Pests & Diseases with Proven Companion Planting Strategies
🦋   Encourage and Attract Beneficial Insects
📱   A Library of Growing Information Right In Your Pocket!

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We Transformed Our Urban Lawn Into Food to Feed Our Family

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Watch Our Short Story About Our Journey...

We had the opportunity of a lifetime to pitch our vision of From Seed to Spoon to investors & media at the OKC Thunder Arena in November, 2018. 

Check out the video below to hear our full story and our vision of where we’re going with our From Seed to Spoon garden planner app!

Thank You For Helping Us Become One of the Most Popular Gardening Apps on iOS & Android in 2018!

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Thank you for all of the reviews and emails of support we’ve received since launching our app in January, 2018!

Your support has meant the world to us and it’s helped us become one of the most popular gardening apps on iOS & Android!

Please help us realize our dream of dedicating all of our time to From Seed to Spoon by continuing to tell your friends about it, sharing our posts on social media, and using links in our app to buy products.

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    ANNOUNCING March Winner of the Burpee Gift Card, Seeding Square, & Smart Pots Prize Pack!!!
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    April: What Food We’re Growing in Our Backyard Garden!
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Who We Are

We’re Dale & Carrie Spoonemore, the creators of From Seed to Spoon. We started growing food in 2015 to help manage anxiety and depression. Growing food & the lifestyle associated radically changed our lives and we made our free garden planner app to make it easy for you to grow your own food too!

We’re also active on our social media channels and post daily updates from our garden showing how we grow food for our family of 6!

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