Food Preservation

How We Keep an Unlimited Supply of Basil Year-Round with Preservation!

Basil is one of our favorite herbs to cook with in the kitchen! It flourishes in warm weather and is one of the best things to plant alongside your tomatoes. Many people mix various types of basil in their gardens. Some of our favorite varieties are sweet, thai, lemon, cinnamon, and lettuce leaf.

Fresh basil leaves can be used in so many dishes including pesto, pastas, and stir fries.

Our favorite way to preserve basil is to freeze it into oil cubes to pull out all winter long! We also occasionally dry the basil leaves, but dried basil doesn’t quite retain the flavor of fresh leaves. By freezing basil into oil cubes, you can simply pull out a cube from the freezer whenever you need it and it makes it so simple and easy to add flavor to your food all winter long!

Here is how we make our basil oil cubes:

  1. Trim off branches that you want to preserve.
  2. Pull off leaves from branches and place into food processor.
  3. Put chopped basil into ice cube trays.
  4. Pour olive oil on top of chopped basil.
  5. Place ice cube trays into freezer carefully without spilling!
  6. 24 hours later pull out ice cube trays and pop cubes out into a freezer bag for preservation.