Add Healthy Herbs & Veggies Into Your Pasta Sauce!

Fresh Herb Spaghetti Saucer (1)

Adding in fresh herbs from your garden adds in that extra dose of tastiness that your pasta dish needs!

Pasta sauce is also probably one of the easiest things to sneak in some extra nutrients without your kids noticing! 🙂 We put a plethora of herbs and vegetables into our sauce without our kids even knowing!

Here our our top 5 ingredients that we like to add into our tomato pasta sauce! Try them alone or mix & match. The possibilities are endless!

Spinach (and pretty much any other leafy green) is always a great addition to any pasta dish and adds many nutrients! The leaves shrivel down tiny so make sure to add more than you think you need!
Basil is one of our favorite flavors to add into an Italian dish. There are many different varieties of basil and they each taste unique! Try them all!
Thyme is something we add to so many of our dishes! It is very universal and always makes a dish taste more flavorful.
Onions & Garlic
Sauteeing onions and garlic beforehand will add so much extra flavor into your pasta! Not to mention, these are loaded with nutrients as well!
Oregano is one of the most commonly used herbs when making any pasta dish. It will really improve any pasta dish and make it taste amazing!

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