Peaches blog post

Grow Your Own Peaches!

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Peaches taste incredible, especially when you grow them yourself! There are many varieties of peaches and they have different temperaments for your climate. The best zones to grow peach trees in are USDA Zones 5-8. How to Grow: It is best to plant fruit trees after your last spring frost. You can also plant 8 weeks before your first fall frost. You can see specific dates for your location using our FREE iOS, Android, and […]

Mustard Greens blog post

How to Grow Mustard Greens

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If you like mustard, you’ll love mustard greens! It’s also one of the most beneficial things you can add to your diet to prevent cancer. They’ll thrive in cool weather and add a flavorful, spicy kick to your diet. How to Grow: You can plant mustard greens in both the spring and the fall! You can plant directly outdoors 2-4 weeks before your last spring frost and 6-8 weeks before your first fall frost. You […]

Lavender blog post

How to Grow Lavender

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Lavender is a beautiful bush that can be planted either in a raised bed or around your beds as a shrub. Its distinctive aroma is very pleasing and will attract all sorts of pollinators to your garden! It’s a wonderful companion plant for repelling slugs/snails, moths (such as cabbage moths), and deer as well.   How to Grow: You can start seeds or cuttings indoors 6-12 weeks before the last spring frost and place them […]

Potato Soup Recipe

Instant Pot Creamy Baked Potato Soup

With the weather cooling down, nothing tastes better and warms you up more than a home-made soup! With the use of the instant pot, this potato soup is fast and simple to make when you are feeling the need to warm your soul. I hope you enjoy it as much as our entire family!  Print Recipe Instant Pot Creamy Baked Potato Soup Course Appetizer, Lunch, Main Dish, Side Dish Prep Time 10 minutes Cook Time […]

Article blog post

From Seed to Spoon Was Featured as a Life-Changing App! 📱

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Thank you 😊 to Thrive Global for featuring us as one of their most life-changing apps 📱 of 2018! 🥦 “From Seed to Spoon is an app that teaches you how to grow your own produce and live a healthy lifestyle, from eating better, to figuring out what plants to grow in order to cure a migraine, sleep deprivation, and more. The founders have an amazing story too. They taught themselves how to grow food […]

Opossums blog post

Opossums in Your Garden!

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Opossums (or possums) are nocturnal creatures that are generally good to have in your garden! They help to get rid of ticks, cockroaches, snakes (even venomous ones), slugs/snails, rats, mice, and insects. Opossums will generally stay away from your garden as they prefer plants that are starting to rot, so they can actually a benefit in your garden by cleaning up the rotting fruit or vegetables! Many people get intimidated when they hiss, but they’re […]

Mealybug blog post

How to Manage Mealybugs

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Mealybugs are a small, white, soft-bodied insect typically found in warmer climates. They will feed on plants by sucking sap out of them causing the leaves to yellow and curl. You may notice the plant getting sticky from the honeydew and this will attract ants as well.   Treatment Options: Be careful to not overwater or overfertilize your plants as this can attract them. The best solution is to use 70% isopropyl alcohol. You can […]

Pillbug blog post

How To Manage Pillbugs in Your Garden

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Pillbugs, often called Roly Polies, can be commonly found in your garden. They are typically only a pest if there is an excess of them. These crustacians are very important in the decomposition process in your garden. They like to feed primarily upon decaying matter, but can also feed on seedlings or fruits/vegetables sitting on the ground if there are a lot in your garden. Treatment Options: Clear out any decaying matter in your garden, […]

Seeding Square

Why We LOVE the Seeding Square for Square Foot Gardening!

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The seeding square makes square foot gardening easy for everyone! The color-coded seed spacer optimizes your space for square foot gardening and helps you maximize your planting space in your garden. Check our blog about square foot gardening here. Our favorite use of the seeding square is using it for our kids. It helps them not only to plant, but to teach colors and counting as well! Great gardening tool! You can buy Seeding Square […]