How we save $ and protect my baby’s skin using reusable cloth wipes

cloth wipes

Cloth wipes are something that I could definitely not do without! I feel disguising now using wipes bought at the store. This is such an easy thing that I can’t believe that everyone doesn’t do it. Not only does it save time and money, but I feel so much better using these on my baby’s skin.
We bought these wipes from Amazon and love them! We’ve found them to be extremely soft and durable and couldn’t imagine going back to wet wipes. Here’s the recipe I use when I make cloth wipe solution. You could just use water if you’d like but I’ve found the additives to be helpful in preventing diaper rashes and keeping the baby’s skin healthy.

I store this solution in a wipe warmer and when I change a diaper, I simply dip a washcloth in the solution and use like you would a wet wipe. I then throw them in the wet bag with the rest of my cloth diapers and wash them.

  • Typically only use 1 wipe even for the dirtiest of diapers
  • Saves environment
  • Prevents diaper rashes!
  • Smells incredible
  • Easy to use
  • Save money


  • Harder to travel
  • A little more laundry
How to travel using cloth wipes

For the most part, I keep the yucky store bought wipes in my diaper bag for when I travel, but there are times that I will take the cloth wipes with me on the go. All I do is put some of the wipe solution in a mason jar and put that in my diaper bag. It really isn’t that hard, but I usually only do this if I know I’m going to be gone for awhile.
*Caution about essential oil for babies: there’s a lot of information about there regarding the safety of using essential oils with infants. Lavender and tea tree are generally considered to be safe to use. I recommend testing it first to make sure your baby doesn’t have a skin sensitivity. However, we’ve found these to be much better for our baby’s sensitive skin than the alcohol wipes we used in the past. We’ve also seen a dramatic decrease in the number of diaper rashes and skin infections since switching to these.

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