How I manage cloth diaper laundry


So many people always talk about how disgusting it is to have to wash cloth diapers. Honestly, I used to be one of those people before I started doing it. I truly do not feel that it is bad at all now! 

First of all, make sure to get a wet bag . I have a separate hamper that I use for diapers in the nursery and this liner helps to prevent any smells from occurring. I have enough diapers to last about 4 days before I do any laundry and I can’t even tell that they are in there! 


If the poop is solid, simply shake the contents off in the toilet and flush. If it is not as solid, try to rinse as much off as possible, but know that the laundry machine will do most the work for you. I bought this toilet sprayer to help out with the “really bad” diapers, but it is not necessary. 

If the diaper is wet, simply take it apart and set in hamper to wait for wash. 

Next step is washing: It is so simple! 

I take the diapers from the hamper with the wet bag and wash it all. I dump the contents into the washer and then put the wet bag in there as well. I wash in hot water and my homemade laundry detergent (see link). You can use any sensitive laundry detergent. I alternate using 1/2 cup bleach and 1/2 cup vinegar when I wash. These help to get a better clean. After they are done in the washer, I move them over to the dryer. Make sure to not use fabric softener or dryer sheets with these. Some people hang dry in the sun to bleach them that way, but I don’t ever seem to be able to find that time. 

That is it! Simple as can be, right?! Let me know if you have any questions! 

wet bag

hamper liner
hamper liner

toilet sprayer


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