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October: What We’re Growing in our Backyard Oklahoma Urban Garden

October monthly article

October in Oklahoma is a beautiful time with amazing weather! Hopefully by now all your pumpkins are ready to be harvested and you can be festive for the fall holidays as well! 

Keep in mind when you carve your pumpkins for Halloween that you can save the seeds to make roasted pumpkin seeds. All you need to do is season clean, dry seeds and lay them flat on a baking sheet in the oven for 30-45 minutes. Not only do they taste great, but they have amazing health benefits! Check out our app for more recipes and ways to prepare your foods that you are growing in your garden! Don’t forget to use put all your leftover pumpkins into your compost as well!


Here in central Oklahoma, our average first fall frost date is late in October. Make sure to be keeping a close eye on the weather. When a frost is predicted, you will want to make sure that you harvest everything from your warm season plants because they will most likely be dying off. You can help to extend your growing seasons by adding row covers on top of your garden beds. Check out our YouTube channel at to watch how we added covers on top of our wooden raised beds.

When we have a frost predicted, we typically have the issue of an overabundance of food! We start to preserve it quickly so it doesn’t go bad! One of our favorite things to make is pesto with our herbs that we have collected. Pesto can be frozen and preserved for longer-term storage. Another way we preserve our herbs is by adding the chopped herbs to ice cube trays and filling them with oil. We freeze these and pull them out anytime we want to already have oil and herbs all ready to go! We’ve also been preserving a lot of our abundant peppers not only by freezing, but by drying them as well and creating our own homemade crushed red pepper. This way we have peppers all winter long! Check out all the ways that we preserve our food we grow in our free app!


We will be harvesting a lot of sweet potatoes this month! We always plant all types of potatoes in Smart Pots to make harvesting much easier. By having fabric sides, we can dig through the dirt easily or simply dump the contents into a wheelbarrow for a scavenger hunt! Sweet potatoes taste so incredible! Our favorite way to eat these is to saute them with chopped carrots in a cast iron skillet then roast in the oven. You can make them even tastier by adding in some cinnamon basil! There are so many nutrients in all of these! Check out the health benefits to each plant in our free app!


Fall is the best time to plant your garlic! Garlic is one of our favorite things to grow and eat! We add it to almost every meal for both its flavor and its nutrients. When planted in the fall, garlic will go dormant through the winter, and then will come back in the spring to be harvested in the summer-time! Check out more info about how to grow garlic in our free app!


If you have beds that you are not planning on using over the winter, a great way to keep the soil fresh and full of nutrients is to plant a cover crop in them. Our favorite and easiest cover crop to plant is peas. This will help to fertilize your soil for free and protect your soil over the winter until you plant again!

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