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How to Freeze & Preserve Peppers/Jalapenos From Your Garden So You Have Them All Winter!

How to Preserve Peppers
Peppers are one of those things that we absolutely love to grow in our garden! It adds so much color out there and the kids love to watch them grow. We always plant so many each year to make sure to have plenty out there. One large benefit from this is the fact that we have not bought a single pepper from the store now in several years! One way we preserve our extra peppers is by freezing them to have all year round. It is simple to do and saves us a lot of time and money in the winter time! Here is how we do it:
  1. Remove all stems (and seeds if desired).
  2. Place peppers in food processor. Using a food processor helps save SOOOO much time instead of having to sit there and chop them up by hand!