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Q&A_ Frozen Peppers

Q&A: What Do You Do With Frozen Peppers?

Q: What do you do with the frozen peppers that you preserve? A: We use these peppers in so many ways! Since they are already diced and ready to go in the freezer bag, I simply grab a bag when I’m ready to use it and take 1-2 spoonfuls out. I typically add them into hot oil and sauté them with onions and garlic. I will then use this combination to so many of our

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Potato Beetle blog post

How to: Manage Potato Beetles in Your Garden

The Colorado potato beetle is one of the major pests that can affect your crops. Adults are round beetles with orange/yellow and black stripes on their wings. Their head is orange with black spots. If left unchecked, they can destroy your plants in no time!

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Flea Beetles blog post

How to: Manage Flea Beetles in Your Garden

Flea beetles are the extremely tiny insects that jump when disturbed. Even though these beetles are super small, they can quickly move through the leaves of plants, destroying the foliage in its path and spreading diseases.

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How to Preserve Peppers

How to Freeze & Preserve Peppers/Jalapenos From Your Garden So You Have Them All Winter!

Peppers are one of those things that we absolutely love to grow in our garden! It adds so much color out there and the kids love to watch them grow. We always plant so many each year to make sure to have plenty out there. One large benefit from this is the fact that we have not bought a single pepper from the store now in several years! One way we preserve our extra peppers

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Corn Earworm blog post

Garden Pests: How to Manage Corn Earworms in Your Garden

Corn earworms (also known as tomato fruitworms) are small caterpillars that vary in color from different shades of brown, yellow, pink, green, and black. The light yellow adult moth lays white, circular eggs on leaves or corn silk in the spring time. The earworm consumes the silk and then moves on to the ear. On other plants, earworms consume stems, leaves, and fruit.

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Cutworms blog post

Garden Pests: How to Manage Cutworms in Your Garden

Cutworms are the caterpillar of a brown or gray night-flying moth. The caterpillars are black, gray, or brown and are about an inch and a half long. These jerks can go through your entire garden of new seedlings extremely quickly! It’s important to watch out for them in your garden and do your best to protect again them. They look like little brown worms, and they like to spin around into circles around the plant, cutting it off at the base.

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