pickled peppers

Quick & Easy Pickled Peppers!

🌶️ Discover how to make quick and easy pickled peppers at home! In this video, we’ll show you a simple step-by-step recipe that anyone can follow. Perfect for adding a tangy kick to your dishes, these pickled peppers are ready in no time. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a kitchen newbie, you’ll love how effortless and delicious this recipe is! https://youtu.be/XPQFqgpzJQg Watch Video CarrieCarrie Spoonemore, co-founder of “From Seed to Spoon,” stands as a […]

tomatoes & peppers

Peppers 🫑 & Tomatoes 🍅 NOT PRODUCING??? Here’s Why & How to FIX IT!

There are many reasons why your pepper and tomato plants may not be producing as much fruit as they were earlier in the season. Even something as simple as this extreme heat that we are experiencing right now could have a significant impact on them!

Check out this video where Carrie goes over the common causes of your pepper and tomato plants not producing as much fruit and some solutions to help!

Starting Sweet Pepper Seeds in Our Park Seed Bio Dome & Discussing Variety Differences!

We planted some of our pepper seeds today in our Park Seed 40 cell Bio Dome! We planted several varieties of sweet peppers, banana peppers, and bell peppers. We’re very excited to try out each of these unique varieties from Park Seed. Follow along with Carrie as she plants these seeds in the Bio Dome and discusses the differences in each of the varieties.

What We're Growing in February

February: What We’re Planting & Growing in Our Backyard Vegetable Garden

Although February can usher in some of our coldest temperatures of the year, it’s also the beginning of the planting season for many different foods! It’s also a great time to start planning your garden for the year and ordering seeds. Our free iOS, Android, & Web app makes growing food simple and I’m going to talk about some of the things you can start planting in February in Oklahoma.