The Ultimate Seed Starting Guide for Warm Weather Plants

As the warmer months approach, it’s time to shift your gardening focus to warm weather plants. These sun-loving varieties bring life and color to your garden, providing delicious produce and vibrant blooms throughout the hottest days. This guide offers detailed instructions for starting and nurturing a variety of warm-weather crops available from Park Seed, ensuring your garden remains lush and productive as temperatures rise.

Discover the Ease of Hoop House Hinges for Efficient Gardening

One innovative solution that has caught the attention of many watching our videos is the use of hinges on hoop houses. This simple yet effective mechanism can significantly enhance the gardening experience, particularly for those cultivating sensitive plants that require careful temperature management.

The Ultimate Seed Starting Guide for Cool Weather Plants

As the seasons change, so does the garden. Cool weather crops offer the opportunity to extend the growing season and enjoy fresh produce beyond the typical summer months. This guide provides detailed instructions for starting and caring for a variety of cool-weather crops available from Park Seed, ensuring your garden thrives even as temperatures drop.

Live Workshop: “Frost-Proof Gardens: Tips for Thriving Outdoor Spaces in the Cool Season”

Did you miss our live workshop, “Frost-Proof Gardens: Tips for Thriving Outdoor Spaces in the Cool Season”? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Now you can rewatch the entire session and catch up on all the expert advice and tips we shared for keeping your garden vibrant and productive, even as the temperatures start to fall.

Discover the Wonders of Growing Inside PVC Dome Hoop Houses

Dedicated gardeners constantly seek methods to lengthen their growing periods and shield their crops from adverse weather. PVC dome hoop houses have emerged as a favored approach for achieving this, providing a regulated habitat for diverse plant species. In this discussion, we’ll examine the advantages of utilizing PVC dome hoop houses for initiating the growing season prematurely. We’ll highlight a practical case study where individuals adeptly commenced the cultivation of spinach, kale, and various vegetables well ahead of the conventional outdoor planting timeline.

The Perfect Plastic Sheeting for Your Garden: Insights from Zone 7 Gardeners

Successful gardening goes beyond having a knack for plant care; it necessitates the appropriate equipment and supplies to foster plant vitality and development. A critical asset for numerous horticulturists, particularly those employing hoop houses or greenhouses, is the use of plastic sheeting. This article delves into the advantages of employing 6 mil plastic sheeting in gardening endeavors, drawing on insights from Zone 7 cultivators. Additionally, we will discuss how leveraging technology, specifically the “From Seed to Spoon” app, can significantly elevate your gardening journey.

How Hoop Houses Stand Strong Against Windy Conditions

Gardening enthusiasts and farmers often worry about the impact of harsh weather conditions on their greenhouses or hoop houses. Windy days, in particular, can pose a significant threat to the stability and integrity of these structures. However, with the right design and preparation, hoop houses can withstand the force of strong winds, ensuring your plants remain safe and thriving. In this article, we’ll explore how hoop houses can handle windy conditions effectively, drawing on real-life experiences.

February in The Garden: The Seeds You Should Be Starting Now!

As January’s frosty embrace begins to loosen in February, the gardening community is filled with excitement for the approaching season. Despite February’s lingering chill, it marks a pivotal period for both preparation and foresight. This time is rich with opportunity for all gardeners, whether you bring years of experience or are newly initiated into the joys of gardening, to lay the groundwork for a prosperous and rewarding year. Drawing on Carrie from Seed to Spoon’s expert advice, we’ll explore the crucial activities that should populate your February gardening agenda, setting the stage for a flourishing garden.