Live Workshop: 10 Spring Flowers You Can Easily Start From Seed

If you missed our live workshop, “10 Spring Flowers You Can Easily Start From Seed,” held on March 19 at 12 PM CST, don’t worry! We’re here to provide you with a comprehensive recap of this enlightening session. Hosted by Dale & Carrie from From Seed to Spoon alongside Laura Root from Park Seed, this event offered a wealth of information on starting your spring garden from the very basics – the seeds.

Flavor Fest Workshop: Meet Our Top 10 Must-Have Herbs

If you missed our live workshop, “Flavor Fest: Meet Our Top 10 Must-Have Herbs,” hosted on March 12 at 12 PM CST, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with a full recap and the opportunity to rewatch the session at your convenience. This engaging workshop dives deep into the aromatic world of herbs, offering a perfect blend of gardening wisdom and culinary expertise. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a culinary novice, you’ll discover new […]

Live Workshop: “Let’s Get Seeds in the Ground! What to Direct Sow This Spring”

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, March 5th at 12 PM CST and prepare to dive into the practical world of direct sowing with our upcoming virtual workshop. Hosted on YouTube and Facebook, this session is designed to equip you with the knowledge and techniques to start your spring garden directly from seeds.

Live Workshop: “Frost-Proof Gardens: Tips for Thriving Outdoor Spaces in the Cool Season”

Did you miss our live workshop, “Frost-Proof Gardens: Tips for Thriving Outdoor Spaces in the Cool Season”? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Now you can rewatch the entire session and catch up on all the expert advice and tips we shared for keeping your garden vibrant and productive, even as the temperatures start to fall.

Master Seedling Transplantation: Join Our Free Live Gardening Workshop

If you’re aiming to boost your gardening skills and ensure the successful transition of your seedlings from the nurturing indoors to the vibrant outdoors, you’re in luck! Our workshop, “Seedling Success: Mastering the Transition to Your Garden,” is available for replay. Hosted on our YouTube and Facebook pages, this event was designed with gardeners of all experience levels in mind. It provides essential knowledge and techniques to help you navigate the gardening season with confidence. Whether you missed the live session or simply want to revisit the valuable insights shared, you can rewatch the workshop at your convenience and ensure your gardening endeavors are as fruitful as possible.

Nature’s Allies Workshop: Enhancing Your Garden With Companion Plants

Did you catch the chance to turn your garden into a flourishing haven? Seed to Spoon recently hosted an exclusive online workshop titled “Nature’s Allies: Enhancing Your Garden Through Companion Plants,” which took place on Tuesday, February 6th, at 12:00 PM CST. This captivating workshop served as a comprehensive guide to mastering companion planting, a time-honored gardening strategy known for its incredible advantages. For those who missed the live event, the session is now available for rewatch, offering you the opportunity to dive into the world of companion planting at your convenience.

Workshop: Chill Out with Cool Season Crops: A Beginner’s Guide

As winter continues to unfold, this session is dedicated to helping you harness the potential of your garden during the cooler months!

In this workshop, we will delve into the world of cool season crops, introducing you to a wide array of vegetables and herbs that thrive in colder climates.

Learn how to plan, plant, and care for these hardy varieties, allowing you to enjoy a fresh and nutritious harvest even when temperatures drop.

Upcoming Workshop: Getting Started! A Beginner’s Guide to Successful Gardening

Are you ready to embark on a gardening journey but not sure where to start? Join us for an exciting and informative webinar titled “Getting Started! A Beginner’s Guide to Successful Gardening.” This online event is scheduled for Tuesday, January 2nd, at 12:00 PM CST, and is perfectly crafted for those new to the world of gardening.