Live Workshop: “Let’s Get Seeds in the Ground! What to Direct Sow This Spring”

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, March 5th at 12 PM CST and prepare to dive into the practical world of direct sowing with our upcoming virtual workshop. Hosted on YouTube and Facebook, this session is designed to equip you with the knowledge and techniques to start your spring garden directly from seeds.

Starting Your Spring Seeds: Watch Farm Animals Put the Park Seed Bio Dome to the Test

Starting your own seeds can be a great way to save money, get unique varieties, and have a fun family activity. The key to success is knowing when to start your seeds and having the right equipment. One tool that can help is the Bio Dome seed starting system. The Bio Dome is a sturdy and durable system that can withstand a lot, including curious pets and farm animals. Watch Video The dome on […]

Q&A_ What is Square Foot Gardening_

How We Use Square Foot Gardening to Maximize Our Planting Space in Our Backyard Garden!

Square foot gardening is a gardening method where you divide your gardening space out into square foot (12″) areas. Mel Bartholomew’s book Square Foot Gardening, introduced the idea of planting densely within 4’x4′ raised beds in this square foot method. This method helps to promote growing space when you have limited growing space within your garden. Each square can be planted with different crops depending on what crops are considered good companions.

Starting Sweet Pepper Seeds in Our Park Seed Bio Dome & Discussing Variety Differences!

We planted some of our pepper seeds today in our Park Seed 40 cell Bio Dome! We planted several varieties of sweet peppers, banana peppers, and bell peppers. We’re very excited to try out each of these unique varieties from Park Seed. Follow along with Carrie as she plants these seeds in the Bio Dome and discusses the differences in each of the varieties.