December, 2018 App Update – New Features, Plants, and Pests!

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This update adds one of our most frequently requested features: view plants that are typically attacked by each pest! We also added several new plants and critters, and will be bringing you more over the next few updates. Email us at info@seedtospoon.net or contact us on social media to let us know what you’d like to see added! 🐛 View Which Plants Are Affected by Each Pest ⭐ Add Plants to Favorites From the Plant Detail Page […]

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From Seed to Spoon Was Featured as a Life-Changing App! 📱

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Thank you 😊 to Thrive Global for featuring us as one of their most life-changing apps 📱 of 2018! 🥦 “From Seed to Spoon is an app that teaches you how to grow your own produce and live a healthy lifestyle, from eating better, to figuring out what plants to grow in order to cure a migraine, sleep deprivation, and more. The founders have an amazing story too. They taught themselves how to grow food […]

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Grow For Your Health with Our New App Update!

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We started growing food to help with anxiety and depression. Gardening & the lifestyle associated radically changed our lives and that’s why we’re so passionate about From Seed to Spoon! This update helps you connect with why you grow with our new “Growing for Health” feature! Now you’ll be able to filter the plants list based on 26 different health-related reasons for growing. Starting out with gardening can be overwhelming, and we believe this new […]


Beneficial Insects, Planting Combinations to Avoid, a New Look, & More In Our Version 3.0 Update!

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🌱 Version 3.0 of our FREE iOS & Android app that makes growing food easy is now available in the iOS & Google App Stores! 🌱 iOS📱 – www.seedtospoon.net/ios Android – www.seedtospoon.net/android This update adds a lot of stuff we’re really excited about including beneficial insects🐞 , plant combinations to avoid 🌱🚫, and a revamped look with text that’s easier to read and information grouped a little more logically! We’ve been hard at work over […]


App Update: Choose Your Own Freeze Date for Customized Indoor Seed Starting and Outdoor Planting Dates

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Our last update added customized indoor seed starting and outside planting dates based on your location. To calculate the dates, we used the most conservative estimate for the last freeze date from your closest weather station. This update adds the ability to choose from 10 different freeze date options so you can tailor the planting dates to your liking! Many times, planting dates can be accelerated if you’re able to provide your plants with some […]

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New to Our Free iOS & Android App: Customized Planting Dates for Your Location!

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This update adds many new and exciting features! Most notably, we will now use your location to provide you with customized dates for indoor seed starting and earliest outdoor planting based on data from your nearest weather station! We’ve also added a filter menu on the vegetables list that lets you filter down to specific seasons. Check out the rest of our new features and a video of the update in action below.


Lots of Improvements, Plus 20 New Plants & Pests Just Released in Our Free iOS and Android Mobile App!

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This update adds the new “Getting Started” tab that walks you through setting up a new garden. We’ve also added over 20 foods and pests to the app as well as numerous enhancements throughout, many of which were made based on your feedback! Click on the blog post to read about all of the changes made in this update.


OKC Home & Garden Show: What I Learned From Talking to People About Growing Food

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We had a lot of fun at the OKC Home & Garden show last weekend! We went there to help spread the word about the app, to get kids interested in gardening, and to help inspire people to start growing food. I had A LOT of conversations about growing food and began to notice a common theme among the topics. I have this huge list of features I want to add to our mobile app but I’ve struggled to decide what to work on first. Last weekend clarified the biggest challenges facing new gardeners and helped me focus my attention on the most important problems. Here’s what I learned from talking to people for 30 hours straight this weekend about growing food and the challenges they face.