Create a Lush Oasis with the Shady Spot Garden Collection

Transform your shady spots into cozy retreats with our Shady Spot garden theme! This collection is all about creating lush, green havens in areas with limited sunlight. Whether it’s a corner under a tree or a shaded patio, these plants thrive in low-light conditions, bringing beauty and relaxation to your outdoor space. With a variety of foliage and colors, this theme is perfect for adding a touch of nature’s charm to any shady spot in your garden.

Create Your Own Aromatic Retreat with the Aroma Oasis Collection

Aroma Oasis is a tranquil retreat designed to engage the senses with the natural perfumes of the most fragrant flowers, herbs, and plants. Wander through and experience the soothing scents of lavender, the spicy notes of rosemary, and the sweet fragrance of jasmine. Each plant is chosen for its beauty and ability to infuse the air with its unique aroma, creating a serene atmosphere that soothes the soul. Aroma Oasis is more than a garden; it’s a sanctuary where the air whispers with nature’s scents, offering peace, a sensory escape, and a lingering, unforgettable experience.

Cultivate Wellness with the Medicinal Herbs Garden Collection

The Medicinal Herbs Garden is a serene sanctuary of healing plants, each chosen for its therapeutic benefits. This garden is a living pharmacy, offering natural remedies and promoting well-being through its aromatic leaves and flowers. It embodies the healing power of nature, providing a tranquil space for both physical and mental rejuvenation.

Bok Choy Flowers: A Surprising Culinary Treat from Your Garden

Gardeners often lament the sight of their leafy greens bolting, but when it comes to bok choy, the emergence of flowers might just be a hidden culinary treasure. These delicate blooms not only add beauty to the garden but also bring a unique flavor to the table, reminiscent of broccoli but with a distinct twist. Here’s why you should give bok choy flowers a try and how they can elevate your cooking.

Greens Galore: A Salad Lover’s Dream

Jump into a world where salads get seriously exciting! “Greens Galore” is all about mixing it up with a bunch of tasty, texture-rich leaves from your own backyard. Think peppery, buttery, crunchy, and everything in between. This theme’s got everything from arugula to spinach, making your salad bowl the coolest mix on the block. Perfect for any garden size, “Greens Galore” is your ticket to fresh, fun, and fab salads right from the soil. Get ready to pick, mix, and munch on the freshest greens you’ve ever tasted!

Alyssum Now Available in the From Seed to Spoon App

From Seed to Spoon is pleased to announce that Alyssum, a delightful and popular ground cover known for its charming appearance and sweet fragrance, is now featured in our gardening app. This addition aims to enhance your gardening experience by providing detailed insights into growing and maintaining Alyssum, making your garden spaces more vibrant and fragrant. Let’s explore the many benefits of integrating Alyssum into your garden.

Explore the Fusion of Gardening and Gourmet with the Edible Flowers Theme

The Edible Flowers theme showcases a stunning array of blooms that double as culinary delights. From the spicy zest of nasturtiums to the delicate sweetness of pansies, these flowers elevate meals with their flavors and colors. Perfect for garnishing, decorating, or infusing, they bring beauty to both the garden and plate. This theme is a celebration of taste and aesthetics, inviting gardeners and chefs to explore the fusion of gardening and gourmet.

Discover Ground Cherry: Now Available in the From Seed to Spoon App

We’re excited to introduce the unique and delightful Ground Cherry to users of the From Seed to Spoon app. This lesser-known fruit-bearing plant is a marvelous addition for any home gardener interested in growing something a little different. Ground Cherries are known for their sweet, tropical-flavored fruits that are both versatile in the kitchen and easy to grow.