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How We Turn Plant Scraps, Rabbit Poop, and Worm Castings into Plant Gold with Composting

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This video talks about the benefits of using your own compost and how easy it is to do it right in your own backyard! We talk about our compost bin, growing comfrey, rabbit manure, worm castings, and horse manure. See details on how we built our compost bin: See details on how to test your compost for herbicide:   Learn more about growing over 70 different foods, including how to manage various pests […]


Q&A – Is It Safe to Use Compost from a Municipal Compost Facility?

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Question Hello! I found your website today while researching a local Compost Facility. You guys are doing great work feeding your family good food! I noticed that you mentioned that you have gotten mulch from your local compost facility….have you ever used their compost before? We’re drastically increasing our garden size this year so we were considering getting some compost from ours. We are organic gardeners so we have some concerns about using their compost […]

Testing compost for herbicide

Testing Compost for Herbicide

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Most of our tomatoes and many of our beans were severely damaged from herbicide poisoning last year. I used horse manure from horses that had eaten from fields sprayed with aminopyralid, a broad leaf herbicide that passes right through the horse and can stay in their manure for up to 3 years. I learned my lesson last year and this year I tested my compost first. See how I tested it and the results of […]