The Perfect Plastic Sheeting for Your Garden: Insights from Zone 7 Gardeners

Successful gardening goes beyond having a knack for plant care; it necessitates the appropriate equipment and supplies to foster plant vitality and development. A critical asset for numerous horticulturists, particularly those employing hoop houses or greenhouses, is the use of plastic sheeting. This article delves into the advantages of employing 6 mil plastic sheeting in gardening endeavors, drawing on insights from Zone 7 cultivators. Additionally, we will discuss how leveraging technology, specifically the “From Seed to Spoon” app, can significantly elevate your gardening journey.


How We Keep an Unlimited Supply of Basil Year-Round with Preservation!

Our favorite way to preserve basil is to freeze it into oil cubes to pull out all winter long! We also occasionally dry the basil leaves, but dried basil doesn’t quite retain the flavor of fresh leaves. By freezing basil into oil cubes, you can simply pull out a cube from the freezer whenever you need it and it makes it so simple and easy to add flavor to your food all winter long!