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June: What We’re Growing in Our Oklahoma Urban Garden

June monthly article

June is our wettest month, but don’t let that fool you because July and August’s heat is right around the corner. This makes June the perfect month to get drip irrigation set up for the upcoming months. Check out our YouTube channel to see how you can make your own with some PVC pipe, a drill, and a few fittings!

The abundant rainfall also makes it a great time to get a rainwater collection set up. We built our 500 gallon setup with IBC totes that we got from Craigslist. Search rainwater on our website to see all the details!

By June, our planting season is winding down. However there are still a few things you can sneak in before summer. The food that you can plant this month include sweet potatoes, okra, southern peas, summer squash, cucumbers, and melons. Check out our free app on Android and iOS that gives you all the information you need about how you can grow all of these in your backyard or patio garden!


Although we’re slowing down planting in June, harvesting is ramping up. We’ve been harvesting our cool season crops throughout the spring and we should start to get peppers, tomatoes, squash, and more of our summer season crops soon.

Whenever we first started growing food we dedicated ourselves to only eating food that came out of the garden for a few months. After a couple weeks we were getting tired of the same flavors every day. This is when we started using a lot more of our herbs in the kitchen. Hopefully you had a chance to plant some oregano, thyme, rosemary, or sage in the spring. If not, you could still try planting it in a Smart Pot where it will get some shade in the afternoon until established. Basil loves our summers and can still be planted by seed out in your garden! Check out our website and app for some of our favorite recipes.

Rosemary in a Smart Pot
Roasted Squash
Fish topped with Pesto on a bed of greens and rice

You’ll also start seeing a lot more insect activity in your garden, but not just the bad bugs. We’re especially looking forward to the return of wasps to our garden. This may sound like a crazy sentence to some, but you’ll really start to appreciate the benefits of wasps in your garden when they start hunting through your cabbage and carrying away cabbage worms!


Most of the wasps we have in our garden are mud daubers (the ones that build the nests on the side of your house). These are generally super tame creatures and aren’t looking to sting unless you are looking for a fight. The wasps you have to watch for are the ones that live in large hives, but we haven’t had any of those at our place.

There are lots of other beneficial critters such as spiderspraying mantises, and ladybugs that will keep the bad bugs out of your garden without the use of pesticide. Check out all of the beneficial critters and how you can attract them to your garden in our free app.


If you’d like to learn how you can grow your own food organically in your own backyard without spending a lot of money, check out our website and free app at We also have events all throughout the year including tours of our backyard garden. Sign up for our email list at for our weekly email with all the details and information for giveaways from Smart Pots, Burpee, and other partners!

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