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What We Are Growing in July in Our Backyard Urban Garden!

July monthly article

July is one of your favorite months to grow food if you like salsa! Not only are the tomatoes and peppers starting to flourish, but we’ll also have more squash, beans, cucumbers, basil, and okra than we know what to do with! This is one of the many ways our app can come in handy!


We spend a lot of time trying out every recipe we can find and adding the best ones into our app. Not to worry if you accidentally let your zucchinis grow too large! We’ve got your back on how to use these! You can tap on the “more” section within each plant to see recipes and videos for that food.


One of the problems with salsa in July is that by the time your tomatoes and peppers are ready, cilantro is long gone. Cilantro doesn’t like the heat and starts going to seed (AKA coriander) in June. However, there are a couple alternatives that do grow well here in the summer and we switch to those until it cools down again for cilantro. You can learn more about how to grow Puerto Rican cilantro and Vietnamese cilantro in our app. We’ll give you planting dates based upon where you live and make it easy to grow both of these and 100+ other fruits, vegetables, and herbs!  Both of these cilantro alternatives can be difficult to find, however Prairie Wind Nursery in Norman specializes in these types of plants and always has them! They have a large selection of herbs and we love trying them all in recipes to add variety to our meals!

Pests are going to continue to be an issue throughout July. Cucumber beetles and squash bugs are particularly active and our app will walk you through how to help manage those. Mice also become a problem around this time. Cantaloupes, melons, and pumpkins may need protection or you will end up having little mouse sized bites taken out of them! We’ve had a lot of success adding dogs and cats to the mix to let them help us out with this problem. We trade the mouse for a treat and they’re happy with the arrangement! You can also buy solar noise making repellent devices and the good old fashioned mouse trap will still work as well as it always has. 

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We aren’t planting much of anything in July aside from our last succession plantings of southern peas, squash, cucumbers, and okra. At the end of the month we will start seeds indoors for broccoli and cabbage. This will give them a head start away from the heat and be further along in September when we plant those outside.

compost bin

July is also a prime time for making compost! We use all of the abundant plant material from our garden combined with rabbit manure and bedding, wood chips, coffee grounds, and other organic materials. Search for compost on our YouTube channel for videos on how we save money and have healthier plants by making our own compost.

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