how to start growing in 4 easy steps

How to Start Growing Your Own Food in 4 EASY Steps!

Friends that are interested in trying to grow some of their own food have reached out to me and asked what they should do to get started. Much like I was when I started, they’re often overwhelmed by all of the various information out there about how to grow food and have no idea where to start. Here are the four simple steps I give anyone that asks me what they should do to get started with growing some of their own food

Garden + Variety Type

How to Add a Custom Plant Variety in Your Garden Using Our Garden+ Tracking in Our From Seed to Spoon App!

Garden + is a great new feature to help you stay organized with all the plants in your garden electronically!

First step is to create your free account! Check out this post if you are having difficulties signing up.

Once you get logged in to your account, your screen will show an empty garden. You will select the “Add Plant to Garden” button. Check out this blog post with video to explain how to add a plant to your garden.

We’ve had a few people reach out asking about how to add the variety to their plant that they’ve added to their garden. Here are the steps for that: