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How We Get an Unlimited Supply of FREE Wood Chips!


I feel like one of the biggest secrets in gardening is that you don’t usually have to pay for woodchips. I see people at stores with carts full of bags of woodchips all the time and usually end up giving them one of our cards so they can read this blog post. 

We use wood chips for mulching, smothering Bermuda grass, making compost, bedding for rabbits, and many other uses! We get them for free in our area from the Norman Compost Facility (see map below). Check for a local compost facility near you and start saving money!

There is also a service called ChipDrop that helps gardeners get free wood chip mulch deliveries from local arborists!

They will deliver a dump truck full of wood chips directly to your house! There is no need for a truck or anything! 

When you sign up on their website, you get contacted when they have wood chips available. This could be anywhere from a couple days to several months. 

Check out the video below to see how much we got when we had a delivery!!!

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  1. I have been signed up with Chip Drop for several years and have yet to get a Drop in spite of the offer of $40.00 per load and being right on US HWY 190 in central Texas.

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