Growing Food

The 5 Biggest Rookie Mistakes We Made In Our First Year Of Growing Food

I read lots of “common beginner mistakes” blog post and articles when I started growing food, but that didn’t stop me from making them! Hopefully, this post will help you avoid the mistakes I made and avoid some of the pitfalls we encountered in our first two years.


Overwatering is one of the most common mistakes new gardeners make and I’ve certainly been guilty of it myself. The roots need to be able to get oxygen and they aren’t able to do this if they’re constantly in water. My strategy for watering now is simple. I run my PVC irrigation until water comes out of the bottom sides of the bed. Then I know it’s completely saturated and I don’t water it again for a week. If the temperatures are above 90 then I bump that up to twice a week. It’s important to note this will not work if you don’t add at least an inch of mulch, which leads into my next mistake…