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How We Make Our Bulk Supply of Rice & Beans Taste Uniquely Delicious Every Day!

Back in 2014 the Ebola virus terrified me and we bought a lot of rice and beans. Since then we’ve had this huge reservoir of rice and beans we’ve been going through. Along the way we’ve discovered a number of ways of tips and tricks to make it taste great and not repetitive day to day. Our rice and bean journey was also one of the reasons we started gardening. One of the ways we make them taste good come right out of our garden. They also add a ton of nutrients and vitamins to your meals and can help increase your immune system.

So let’s talk about how we cook rice and beans. For us, we’ve found the instant pot to be a game changer. Usually you’d need to let beans soak overnight before cooking them, however the instant pot gives you a batch of fresh beans direct from the bag in 25 minutes! You can also use the instant pot to use rice, but we usually just make this on the stove in a large saucepan.

You don’t even have to buy a large bag of dried beans, you can grow them yourself! Let your beans dry on the vine and then harvest the inside of the bean pod into a jar for storage. See how you can grow your own beans easily by clicking here!