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How We Keep an Unlimited Supply of Basil Year-Round with Preservation!

Our favorite way to preserve basil is to freeze it into oil cubes to pull out all winter long! We also occasionally dry the basil leaves, but dried basil doesn’t quite retain the flavor of fresh leaves. By freezing basil into oil cubes, you can simply pull out a cube from the freezer whenever you need it and it makes it so simple and easy to add flavor to your food all winter long!

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Preserving Oregano Using our Dehydrator

The difference in taste and nutrition provided from herbs grown at home far exceed what you find in the store. Once you start using freshly grown or self-preserved herbs, you’ll never want to go back!

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Video: How to Start Growing Your Own Food Easily Today!

Check out how easy it can be to start growing your own food with Smart Pots! Carrie will walk you through our garden and show you examples of our Smart Pots that we grow our food with.

See more information on these fabric raised beds and also purchase at

Check out the blog post that goes into more detail about simple ways to get started growing your own food at

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