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How We’re Keeping Our Animals Safe & Warm During the Historic 2021 OKC ❄️ Blizzard🌨️ 🐖 🐐 🐑 🐔 🦆 🦙

We’ve received a lot of questions about how our animals are doing in this historic OKC blizzard, and we wanted to make a video to show you all how we’re keeping our goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, llamas, rabbits, and Bob (our giant bird) warm.

Join us as we check on our farm animals and talk about the tips, strategies and methods we’re using for the cold

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From Seed to Spoon Growing Code

Growing Code: Free Coding Class Teaching You How to Build a Mobile App

Do you or someone you know want to change your life and learn how to code or build an app? I learned how to code to start building our app 4 years ago, and it’s changed my life in so many ways! Now we’re going to help you learn how to code through our new weekly coding series on YouTube! I’m going to teach you how to build a mobile app by re-building our garden calculator app,

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Weight loss

Top 5 Plants to Grow For Weight Loss!

Growing food in your backyard can help you not only by eating the food you have grown, but the lifestyle associated with it! We have found that gardening has helped us to lose weight simply by being outside, more active, and drinking more water!

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Bone & Joint Helath

Top 5 Plants to Grow to Promote Bone & Joint Health!

A lot of people start to complain about their bones and joints aching when the weather changes seasons. If you are one of these people or simply want to help support your bone and joint health, check out what plants are best to grow in your garden below! We have found that simply gardening itself has helped us start to feel better by eating a healthier diet, being outside more, and being more active!

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