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Video – How Square Foot Gardening Makes It Easy to Grow Food Efficiently!

Check out the video above to see how we used Square Foot Gardening to start growing food using an efficient and simple to use system!

Our app makes Square Foot Gardening even easier by giving you the number per square for each plant!

Learn more about square foot gardening in the blog posts linked below!


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More About Square Foot Gardening

How to Start Growing Your Own Food in 4 EASY Steps!

Friends that are interested in trying to grow some of their own food have reached out to me and asked what they should do to get started. Much like I was when I started, they’re often overwhelmed by all of the various information out there about how to grow food and have no idea where to start. Here are the four simple steps I give anyone that asks me what they should do to get started with growing some of their own food

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Q&A_ What is Square Foot Gardening_

How We Use Square Foot Gardening to Maximize Our Planting Space in Our Backyard Garden!

Square foot gardening is a gardening method where you divide your gardening space out into square foot (12″) areas. Mel Bartholomew’s book Square Foot Gardening, introduced the idea of planting densely within 4’x4′ raised beds in this square foot method. This method helps to promote growing space when you have limited growing space within your garden. Each square can be planted with different crops depending on what crops are considered good companions.

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