Squirrels blog post

How to: Manage Squirrels in Your Garden

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These small rodents can be challenging and can destroy a garden! They can be pesky, so trial and error is important to see what works best for your visitors.   Treatment Options: Stationing a fake owl or scarecrows around the garden are helpful tricks to scare away squirrels. Be sure to move them around every day or so, or they might figure out your trick!   A motion-activated sprinkler in the problem areas can help […]

Birds blog post

How to: Manage Birds in Your Garden

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Birds can be both a pest and an ally in the garden. Birds help with pest control eating a wide variety of insects including aphids, caterpillars, mosquitos, and spiders. On the downside, they will also steal seeds and eat your tomatoes!    Treatment Options: You can protect your seeds by covering them with a layer of burlap or shade cloth. I typically hold it down with a hardware mesh panel because that’ll help keep cats […]


Planting Sweet Potatoes & 12 Ft Tall Sunflowers!

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These are a couple of videos showing how we planted sweet potatoes this year as well as a couple of 12 ft tall sunflowers! We’re excited to harvest this huge bed full of sweet potatoes in a few months, but we’re even more excited to have fresh greens to eat again! These sweet potatoes greens (along with New Zealand spinach) will replace the heat intolerant kale, spinach, and lettuce that’s already bolted to seed for […]