Discover the Wonders of Growing Inside PVC Dome Hoop Houses

Dedicated gardeners constantly seek methods to lengthen their growing periods and shield their crops from adverse weather. PVC dome hoop houses have emerged as a favored approach for achieving this, providing a regulated habitat for diverse plant species. In this discussion, we’ll examine the advantages of utilizing PVC dome hoop houses for initiating the growing season prematurely. We’ll highlight a practical case study where individuals adeptly commenced the cultivation of spinach, kale, and various vegetables well ahead of the conventional outdoor planting timeline.

How Hoop Houses Stand Strong Against Windy Conditions

Gardening enthusiasts and farmers often worry about the impact of harsh weather conditions on their greenhouses or hoop houses. Windy days, in particular, can pose a significant threat to the stability and integrity of these structures. However, with the right design and preparation, hoop houses can withstand the force of strong winds, ensuring your plants remain safe and thriving. In this article, we’ll explore how hoop houses can handle windy conditions effectively, drawing on real-life experiences.

Shade-Loving Delights: Discover 5 Delicious Foods You Can Grow in Low-Light Conditions!

Gardening enthusiasts often face the challenge of finding plants that thrive in low-light conditions. If your garden is more shadow than sunlight, don’t worry – there are plenty of delicious, nutritious options to cultivate. In this article, we’ll explore five fantastic foods that love the shade and how the From Seed to Spoon app’s shade filter tool can help you grow them successfully. 1. Lettuce: A Cool Companion for Shady Spots Lettuce is a cool-season […]

10 Winter Gardening Tips for a Successful Harvest

Winter gardening can be a rewarding and delicious way to extend your growing season and enjoy fresh produce even in the coldest months. However, it can also be challenging, with frost, freezing temperatures, and shorter days all working against your plants. Fortunately, with the right knowledge and tools, you can successfully grow a winter garden and reap the benefits of fresh, homegrown food even in the dead of winter. Here are 10 tips for a […]

Filter by Plants by Season - App Feature Short

App Features: How to Filter Plants by Season

How to Filter Plants by Season  Check out the video above to see how to filter plants by season. Select Additional Filters. Warm Season will show plants that are best to plant in warmer weather. Cool Season will show plants that are best to plant in cooler weather. For more feature shorts and updates from our family farm, check out our Youtube channel. CarrieCarrie Spoonemore, co-founder of “From Seed to Spoon,” stands as a beacon of inspiration for gardeners […]


How We Keep an Unlimited Supply of Basil Year-Round with Preservation!

Our favorite way to preserve basil is to freeze it into oil cubes to pull out all winter long! We also occasionally dry the basil leaves, but dried basil doesn’t quite retain the flavor of fresh leaves. By freezing basil into oil cubes, you can simply pull out a cube from the freezer whenever you need it and it makes it so simple and easy to add flavor to your food all winter long!