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Q&A – What’s the Big Deal with Cucumber Beetles Anyway? Why Are You Trying to Trap Them?

This is a question I received in response to our blog post about cucumber beetle traps. I realized I hadn’t really explained why I’m so concerned with these and wanted to share the answer in a blog post.  “I find your cucumber beetle cups interesting. I’ve looked a little and did some shopping carts. I haven’t bought anything yet. Do the beetles do enough damage to warrant spending $15-$25 in trap supplies? I haven’t ever

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EASY DIY Cucumber Beetle Trap

This is a video about how we make our easy DIY cucumber beetle traps. These can be made using a few simple household materials and the sticky glue linked to below the video! Products mentioned in the video Credits Here’s where I saw the idea to use clove essential oils as a bait.

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Planting Sweet Potatoes & 12 Ft Tall Sunflowers!

These are a couple of videos showing how we planted sweet potatoes this year as well as a couple of 12 ft tall sunflowers! We’re excited to harvest this huge bed full of sweet potatoes in a few months, but we’re even more excited to have fresh greens to eat again! These sweet potatoes greens (along with New Zealand spinach) will replace the heat intolerant kale, spinach, and lettuce that’s already bolted to seed for

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What To Do With Zucchini Baseball Bats

It never fails that at least once a season there is a zucchini hiding underneath that grows to the size of a baseball bat. I have heard so many people say that the zucchini loses their flavor when they get this big and they should be thrown out. Do not do this!! I have found one of the best ways to use these baseball bats in the kitchen (without my kids even knowing!).  I make

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Spring Garden Update

This is a quick update and tour of our zone 7 urban Oklahoma backyard farm where we’re attempting to grow most of the vegetables for our family of 6!  

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