What To Do With Zucchini Baseball Bats


It never fails that at least once a season there is a zucchini hiding underneath that grows to the size of a baseball bat. I have heard so many people say that the zucchini loses their flavor when they get this big and they should be thrown out. Do not do this!! I have found one of the best ways to use these baseball bats in the kitchen (without my kids even knowing!). 

I make what is called “Zucchini milk”. I simply skin the zucchini and chop it up to place into a blender or food processor. I then liquify it by adding water to get to the right consistency (I make mine into a ‘milk’ consistency). 

This zucchini milk is great for baking! When I make our homemade sandwich bread, I substitute out the whole milk for this zucchini milk and it tastes great (and the kids have no idea!). Another way I use this zucchini milk is to put it in our smoothies with frozen fruit. Tastes amazing! There are countless ways to use this zucchini milk and I hope you try it out! 

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