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Top 5 Plants to Grow to Help Improve Your Anxiety & Depression

Mental Health blog post
Mental health refers to decreasing symptoms of anxiety and/or depression. Eating a healthy diet is essential for those who struggle with anxiety and depression. By limiting the amount of sugar and eating more vegetables you may notice a change fast! A diet with Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), B12, B6 (Pyridoxine), Folate/Folic Acid, Panthothenic Acid, and other herbs can be helpful to relieve some of these symptoms.
This topic is near and dear to us because this was the main reason why we started growing food in the first place. Dale struggled for awhile with anxiety and depression (read his full story here). We started to introduce healthier foods into our diet. It got expensive quickly so we started growing it to help us save money. We found that the gardening itself helped his anxiety and depression significantly as well! Just by simply going out in the garden helped improve Dale’s mental health by getting sunshine, living a more active lifestyle, and drinking more water! Check out which plants we feel are the most important to grow for your mental health below!