Stevia blog post

Grow Your Own Stevia Plant!

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This plant is a fascinating addition to a garden because of its incredible sweetness. Our kids are always amazed by the taste of it and want to eat this sweet plant! How to Grow: Plant stevia indoors 8-10 weeks before your last spring frost and transplant outdoors after all danger of frost has passed. You can plant stevia in the fall as well 16 weeks before your first fall frost. Stevia can be grown from […]

Cutworms blog post

How to: Manage Cutworms in Your Garden

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Cutworms are the caterpillar of a brown or gray night-flying moth. The caterpillars are black, gray, or brown and are about an inch and a half long. These jerks can go through your entire garden of new seedlings extremely quickly! It’s important to watch out for them in your garden and do your best to protect again them. They look like little brown worms, and they like to spin around into circles around the plant, […]


Exploring Mediterranean Herbs & Native Oklahoma Perennials at Prairie Wind Nursery

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I had a great opportunity to spend some time with Bill Farris at Prairie Wind Nursery in Norman, Oklahoma recently. I learned a lot about cooking herbs and native Oklahoma plants that do well in our extreme conditions and am excited to share what we learned! Bill has been specializing in Mediterranean herbs and native perennials for nearly 30 years and is full of great information.