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August, 2017 Summer Garden Update/Tour (Urban Zone 7 Oklahoma Backyard Farm)


This is an update and tour of our zone 7 Oklahoma urban backyard organic food farm! I show what we’re currently growing, talk about what we are planting right now, and share some tips and lessons I’ve learned from the summer!

Links from the video

Shade walls –

Brooklyn planting her garden –

Drowning bugs with soapy water –

Lessons learned on tomatoes –

Cucumber Beetle Trap Video –

Planting carrots, lettuce, and beets with the kids –

Planting sweeet potatoes –

Smart Pots automatic drip irrigation –

Prairie Wind Nursery (Order plants from the video online!) –

New Zealand Spinach info –

Vietnamese Cilantro –

Exploring Mediterranean herbs –

Compost bin details –

Direct sowing broccoli and cabbage –

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