How to Make EASY DIY Blender Waffles and Freeze Them for Busy Mornings

Waffles are always a hit in our family for more than just a breakfast food! Whenever I make these waffles in the blender, I always make extra to freeze so we can have fast breakfasts in the mornings before school. A quick toast in the toaster and you have your own “eggo” waffle! This recipe is super easy to make and very quick with minimal cleanup since you are only using the blender.


EASY and Delicious Zucchini Bread Recipe

Zucchini bread is one of my favorite things to bake in the summer! Even the pickiest eater in the house (who was reluctant to try it at first since it had “zucchini” in the name) could eat an entire loaf in one sitting if I let her! Lol!


What To Do With Zucchini Baseball Bats

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It never fails that at least once a season there is a zucchini hiding underneath that grows to the size of a baseball bat. I have heard so many people say that the zucchini loses their flavor when they get this big and they should be thrown out. Do not do this!! I have found one of the best ways to use these baseball bats in the kitchen (without my kids even knowing!).  I make […]