Aloe Vera blog post

How to: Grow Aloe Vera

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Aloe Vera makes a beautiful addition to any tropical garden or indoors. It can be planted outdoors if you live in zone 10 or above, otherwise Aloe Vera makes a great indoor plant for your windowsill.   How to Grow: Aloe Vera can be planted at any time indoors by transplant or propagation. Pick a pot that is slightly bigger than the pot your transplant came in. Select a place indoors (or outdoors if you […]

Spider Mites blog post

How to: Manage Spider Mites in Your Garden

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These mites are extremely small relatives of spiders. They are typically found on the undersides of leaves. An easy way to check for them is to place a sheet of white paper underneath the leaves and gently tap. If you see moving specks on the paper then you have a problem.   Treatment Options: Putting your beneficial insects to work is one of the best ways to help with spider mites! Releasing or attracting green […]

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Yummy Mix and Match Fruit and Veggie Juice Recipe!

Trying to stay healthy can always be quite the challenge. It can also be like pulling teeth to get kids to eat their daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables. Luckily, with these juices, it makes it so much easier! My kids all love these juices and enjoy drinking them with us. Typically, I make a large amount in the morning of whatever fruits and veggies we have on hand and we all drink on […]