Garden Pests: How to Manage Scales in Your Backyard Garden

Scales blog post
Scales are super tiny insects that suck the sap from your plants weakening or killing your plant. They secrete a covering over their tiny body that resemble scales.

Treatment Options:

  • Clear out any debris in your garden that is infested.
  • Get rid of ants in your garden! Ants that harvest honeydew will protect these scales in order to keep harvesting from them.
  • When they are younger and small in numbers you should be able to simply rub or pick them off with your hands.
  • Beneficial insects such as green lacewings and ladybugs can be helpful to fight these scales.
  • Applying neem oil can also be effective. Make sure not to apply the neem oil when the temperature is above 90, or else you could suffocate your plant!
  • You can also use 70% isopropyl alcohol. You can apply this directly on them with a q-tip or a spray bottle if you have a bigger infestation.

Plants to Especially Watch:

  • Indoor plants, such as succulents
  • Warm climate plants which live in greenhouses
  • Eggplant
  • Tomatoes (bush & vine)


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One thought on “Garden Pests: How to Manage Scales in Your Backyard Garden

  1. When citrus trees get scale, I prune them so that they are not touching anything else, and then put grease around the trunk. Tanglefoot is probably better. Once the ants are unable to defend and cultivate them, the natural predators control them. Spraying the tree occasionally with a hose helps too.

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