Garden Pests: How to Manage Spider Mites in Your Garden

Spider Mites blog post
These mites are an extremely small relatives of spiders. They are typically found on the undersides of leaves. An easy way to check for them is to place a sheet of white paper underneath the leaves and gently tap. If you see moving specks on the paper then you have a problem.

Treatment Options:

  • Putting your beneficial insects to work is one of the best ways to help with spider mites! Releasing or attracting green lacewings and ladybugs will help.
  • Applying neem oil will also help to get rid of spider mites, but make sure not to apply when the temperature is above 90, or else you could suffocate your plant!
  • Homemade sprays can also be helpful. You can make a spray with garlic or with equal parts water and alcohol.

Plants to Specifically Watch:

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spider mites

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  1. Where mites are a regular problem, some cultivars of plants that are susceptible to mites can be avoided. For example, ‘Taurus’ rhododendrons is so susceptible to mites that it should not be grown where mites are a problem. Although there is no direct substitute, there are other deep red rhododendrons that are less susceptible.

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