Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children (OBHC) Spring Garden Update

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As I wrote about in an earlier post about why we started From Seed to Spoon, the Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children garden is a very special project to us. I used to drive to myself crazy thinking and reading about the news and trying to keep up with everything going on the world. I gave all that up and now dedicate that time towards things like this website, our own gardens, and helping others grow food. […]


DIY Tick & Mosquito Prevention

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If you’re anything like me, the thought of ticks makes my skin crawl. Unfortunately, it’s something we have to live with, especially in our situation when we are outside so often and go camping frequently. After a day of removing nearly 20 ticks from our small 10 pound dog (which led me to having nightmares all night), you could say that I was motivated to find a solution! We have experimented and researched all kinds […]

Planting Beans

Planting Bush Beans and Protecting Them from Insects

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We moved out “raised beds on legs” over to the east side of the house so they’ll be shaded from the afternoon sun. We planted 4 rows of beans in each using the square foot gardening spacing of 9 per square foot. After planting them, we moved our PVC dome’s over and replaced the plastic sheeting with insect netting that’ll hopefully keep bugs out and provide a bit of a break from the sun as well. […]


Anxiety, Mindfulness, and How I Learned to Let Go of Fear

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Note: I wrote the story below last year before we started the blog. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and wanted to share. I’ve found mindfulness to be a key component to battling anxiety and depression and I hope this helps someone out there.  Last Christmas Eve we found out my wife Carrie was pregnant. Life couldn’t have been better. 14 days later I agonized in the hospital waiting room as the love […]