DIY Tick & Mosquito Prevention


If you’re anything like me, the thought of ticks makes my skin crawl. Unfortunately, it’s something we have to live with, especially in our situation when we are outside so often and go camping frequently. After a day of removing nearly 20 ticks from our small 10 pound dog (which led me to having nightmares all night), you could say that I was motivated to find a solution! We have experimented and researched all kinds of solutions and have finally been able to nearly 100% prevent this problem naturally! What is great about this solution is that it not only helps repel ticks, but other pests as well including those dreaded mosquitos! 

Prevent ticks on you

CedarcideWe bought cedar-oil-based Cedarcide which we used as a base for our spray. To add extra protection to ensure that it worked (because I hate bugs!!) we added in rosemary, geranium, and lemon eucalyptus essential oils which are known for repelling bugs. We use a spray bottle that is 32oz to mix this solution and put approximately 40 drops of each oil. 
Since these ingredients tend to breakdown more quickly, you will need to reapply more frequently than with a standard store-bought spray. We typically reapply every hour or two at night when mosquitos are bad (because they just love me!) and a couple times throughout the day for tick prevention. 

Prevent ticks on your dog


There are several methods for preventing ticks naturally on your dog. Although the Cedarcide mixture I described above is safe for your dog as well, I have found an even easier method if you don’t have all the ingredients or the mixture made! Just simply sprinkling a drop or two of geranium essential oil between the dog’s shoulder blades (and tail if a larger dog) prevents ticks. 
We put this method to the test while camping and hiking outdoors for a weekend. When our dogs would typically have numerous ticks, we didn’t pull a single one off of them the entire weekend of camping and hiking! I applied twice throughout the day and reapplied after getting wet if they decided to go swimming.


I hope this has helped you and keeps those horrible bugs off you so you can enjoy the great outdoors! 

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