Planting Bush Beans and Protecting Them from Insects

Planting Beans

We moved out “raised beds on legs” over to the east side of the house so they’ll be shaded from the afternoon sun. We planted 4 rows of beans in each using the square foot gardening spacing of 9 per square foot. After planting them, we moved our PVC dome’s over and replaced the plastic sheeting with insect netting that’ll hopefully keep bugs out and provide a bit of a break from the sun as well.

Links to things we used in these videos:

Seeding Square

Insect Screening

Varieties of beans we planted: Top Crop, French Filet, Contender, Blue Lake 274 

Planting Beans (& Building PVC Insect Netting Dome)

PVC Raised Bed Cover: Attaching Insect Netting


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