The Benefits of Butterflies In Your Garden

Butterflies blog post
Butterflies are not only a beautiful addition to your garden, but they are beneficial helpers as well that work to help pollinate your plants!
How to Attract or Encourage:
  • First off, make sure that you do not use any pesticides in your garden! This can harm your beneficials as well as your pests.
  • Attract butterflies by having plants with plenty of pollen and nectar for them to feed on. They are especially fond of alyssum, aster, bee balm, butterfly bush, calendula, cosmos, daylily, delphinium, dianthus, fennel, lavender, marigold, milkweed, nasturtium, oregano, purple coneflower, queen anne’s lace, sage, shasta daisy, verbena, yarrow, and zinnia.
  • It helps to have a source of shallow water for the butterflies as well to drink.

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