Assassin Bugs: One of Your Garden Friends!

Assassin Bugs blog post
Assassin bugs are primarily gray or dark brownish in color, although some can be brightly colored. They are named appropriately as an ‘assassin’ because of their beak that stabs their prey to death. They primarily prey upon caterpillars, leafhoppers, aphids, and other harmful pests to your garden. Assassin bugs can also turn to attack some beneficial insects as well. They will also bite you if you try to handle them, but will generally leave you alone.

How to Attract or Encourage:

  • It helps to have a source of shallow water for the assassin bugs.
  • Attract assassin bugs by having many different covers for them to use to hide from various predators or weather. Assassin bugs especially like mulch, vines, and shrubs.
  • Attract assassin bugs by having plants such as alfalfa, daisies, dandelions, dill, fennel, goldenrod, queen anne’s lace, marigolds, tansy.
  • Assassin bugs are attracted to lights. Try having some solar lights in your garden.

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  1. This is another I have not heard of in a long time. They do not live here, but I believe that they are used in the almond orchards and other orchards of the San Joaquin Valley.

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