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Why We Grow Different Types of Beans & How We Use Them

Beans blog post

We grow a variety of different types of beans throughout the year. We are pretty much growing a version of peas and beans year-round where we live!

Pole beans yield 2-3 times more than bush beans from the same space, are easier to harvest, and many gardeners believe they are better tasting.

We grow pole beans because they continue to produce all season making them our primary choice for meals fresh from the garden.

You can grow bush beans as snap beans shell beans, or dry beans. They are extremely easy to grow and will always be a staple in our garden.

We plant new rounds of bush beans every 3 weeks from spring until the end of summer. They will give you all of their yield at once.

We grow bush beans because they will give us a large amount of beans at once when we are looking to preserve. We preserve our beans by freezing them and also by letting them dry.

Southern peas are extremely prolific and typically give us more than we can handle in a season. Because of the versatility of peas in cooking, everyone should be able to find a way to enjoy this vegetable!

Southern peas as the name implies is great to grow in southern climates when the temperatures are hot. These peas thrive in the warm climate and we always have these going strong in the heat of the summer.

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