What We’re Planting in September!


It’s getting close to the end of the season but there are still plenty of things to plant including one of our favorites, spinach. This is a list of what we’re planting in September in our zone 7 urban Oklahoma backyard food farm. Click on the name of the vegetable to view more blog posts and videos about that particular plant.

Vegetable# Per SquareNotes
Garlic9We buy bulbs from a local organic grocery store
Kale1Plant entire square and thin to 1 (eat thinnings)
Leek9Start seeds outdoors in fall for spring harvest
Lettuce4Plant entire square and thin to 4 (eating thinnings)
Onion9Start seeds outdoors in fall for spring harvest
Radish16Fast crop that matures before frost
Spinach9Produces all throughout winter when covered with plastic
Swiss Chard4This is our first time growing it!
Turnips9Grown for the greens. They sweeten as it gets colder. 


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