Brussel Sprouts blog post

How to Grow Your Own Brussel Sprouts!

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Brussel sprouts are a cool season, slow-growing crop. In warmer areas it is important to start these indoors so that they get a head start before it gets too warm. How to Grow: Brussel sprouts are planted indoors 6-10 weeks before your last spring frost and 14-16 weeks before your first fall frost. You can see specific dates for your location using our FREE iOS, Android, and Universal Web App. Brussel sprout seeds are planted […]

Squash Bugs blog post

How to: Manage Squash Bugs in Your Garden

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Squash bugs are one of our biggests pests in the summer. A minor infestation can get out of hand in a hurry if you don’t stay on top of it. The adults are a dark, triangular insect with a flat back. You can find their tiny copper-colored eggs in clusters on the undersides of leaves. You want to make sure to get them under control as soon as you spot them, or else they can […]