OKC Home + Garden Show Cooking Show

Video: Cooking a Whole Chicken, DIY Broth, & Fried Rice with Garden Vegetables @ Home + Garden Show

Dale & Carrie gave a cooking demonstration at the 2019 OKC Home + Garden Show and showed they make a whole chicken in an Instant Pot, then use that chicken to make broth. They also show how to make rice using the broth, ultimately resulting in a delicious chicken stir fry! See the full recipe: https://www.seedtospoon.net/recipe/garden-vegetable-stir-fry/   CarrieCarrie Spoonemore, co-founder of “From Seed to Spoon,” stands as a beacon of inspiration for gardeners and health […]

garden rice

Rice: How We Make It Taste Great With Plants From Our Garden!

The beauty of rice and having a garden is that you can make this recipe unique every single time you make it! We grow a lot of our own herbs to use in the kitchen right in our backyard and patio. You can as well! It’s easy to do- especially with the From Seed to Spoon app which will walk you through how to start growing all the way from seed to your spoon in the kitchen!