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Our Favorite Root Crops!

Our Favorite Root Crops!

Root crops are not only fun to grow as adults, but our kids love to dig in the dirt to collect them! It is hard to narrow down the list because all of these root crops are simply amazing and we enjoy them for different reasons!

  1. Carrots: need no explanation as to their greatness! What makes growing carrots even more amazing to grow is the fact that you can grow rainbow colored varieties! So fun 🙂
  2. Garlic: We add garlic to almost all of our meals! It makes sense for us to grow a crazy amount of garlic since it saves us so much money!
  3. Onions: Onions can be added to almost any meal! We go through so many onions in our household and growing them saves us a lot of money!
  4. Sweet Potatoes: Sweet potatoes are fun to grow not only for the yummy outcome, but because they are so beautiful while growing and produce gorgeous flowers!
  5. Potatoes: Potatoes are so much fun to grow and search through the planter at harvest time to see who can find the most! It makes a fun little game!
  6. Beets: We love adding beets to juices that we make. It adds a great, earthy flavor!
  7. Turnips: Turnips are a great crop to grow because of how fast they grow. Turnips can be added into a variety of different meals or add the greens into a salad!
  8. Radish: Radishes are another fast growing crop. Radishes can be added into a countless amount of recipes as well!

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