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Our Favorite Cool Season Crops!

Our Favorite Cool Season Crops

The cool season is one of our favorite times to grow food! Most people are not aware that you can grow food during cool seasons and sometimes some may even survive over winter!

We extend our growing season and protect our plants by adding plastic row covers on pvc domes to our raised beds. Check out the video here!

Kale gets such a bad rep, but I was pleasantly surprised at how great it tasted when I first tried it. It even starts to sweeten up as the temperatures drop! I enjoy simply mixing this with my spinach/lettuce salads and it tastes amazing!

The first time you grow spinach you will be amazed at how tasty it is fresh from the garden! It’s a fantastic addition to any garden and will grow throughout the winter in many places! Spinach is so versatile and can be used in practically any dish in the kitchen!

We didn’t use to be a big fan of swiss chard, but it is important to eat it during the right times! If you wait to harvest when it’s warm out it starts to get bitter. If you harvest when it is cool then you will have a tasty treat! We love using swiss chard as a tortilla replacement!

We add garlic to almost all of our meals! It makes sense for us to grow a crazy amount of garlic since it saves us so much money! Plant it in the fall and it’ll pop up, go dormant for the winter, then return with a fury in the spring.

Broccoli is one of our favorite plants to grow in the spring and fall! Not only are the heads delicious, but the leaves add a wonderful dimension to stir fries and provide a lot of valuable nutrients. We like to plant broccoli densely directly by seed in the spring and fall then we thin them down as they grow until only the largest is left. We love to use the thinned down plants in stir-fries! Check out how we thin down our seedlings here!

You won’t believe how amazing fresh sugar snap peas from the vine are until you try it yourself! These peas are extremely prolific and typically give us more than we can handle in a season!