How to: Manage Raccoons in Your Garden

Raccoons blog post
Raccoons are huge corn-lovers, and they will destroy the corn in your garden in a hurry. Keeping them out of your garden is imperative to protecting your corn.

Treatment Options:

  • Placing a motion-activated sprinkler near where the problem area is will help to scare the raccoons away.
  • Raccoons are scared of larger predators. Applying blood meal around the perimeter of your garden has been shown to deter small mammals. Raccoon repellent, fox urine granules, or even human hair and urine can help to deter them as well.
  • Raccoons can be scared of noises as well. You can leave a radio close to the problem area to try and scare them away.
  • They can also be deterred by a mixture of garlic and chili powder sprinkled around the problem areas.
  • You can also set up a small animal cage trap to catch the raccoon if all else fails!

Plants to Specifically Watch:


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