How to: Manage Asparagus Beetles in Your Garden

Asparagus Beetle blog post
Asparagus beetles have a similar look to lady bugs. As larvae, they are 1/3 inch long and are slug like in appearance. Adult asparagus beetles are about 1/4 inch in length and are metallic blue-black with either yellow or black spots on their wings. Both adult and larvae can be dangerous to your asparagus causing the tips to turn brown and twist.
Treatment Options:
  • Hand-picking and placing in a soapy pail of water is going to be the best action for making sure this asparagus beetle does not take over your asparagus crop.
  • Beneficial insects such as trichogramma wasps, lady bugs, and lacewings can help to fight against the larvae and eggs.
  • Beneficial nematodes have also been shown to be effective if you have a bad infestation.

Plants to Watch for:

  • Of course, as the name of the beetle says “Asparagus“!

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